Historic Geneva

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Geneva, NY 14456
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Historic Geneva


Historic Geneva is a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to engaging diverse audiences in an on-going dialogue about the shared heritage of Geneva, New York and its environs. Through its collections, educational programs, collaborations with other organizations, and historic properties, Historic Geneva preserves Geneva's past and cultivates an appreciation for Geneva history.

Historic Geneva is a member of the Rochester Regional Library Council.


Geneva Civil War Collection

A collection of Civil War-related documents pertaining to local Geneva residents.

Geneva Historical Society Postcard Collection

A collection of postcards depicting Geneva, New York during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Geneva James G. Vail collection

A collection of photographs of Geneva, New York taken by James G. Vail in the late 19th century.

Photograph of George Hucker.

A collection of oral histories and recordings done and collected by Dr. George Hucker.

John R Dixon papers

Papers relating to Civil War veteran John R. Dixon’s service in the Union Army.

Platt Benson Oakley Photograph Collection

Photographs taken by P.B. Oakley in the mid-20th century of Geneva residents.

Stereograph Card Collection of Geneva

Stereograph images of Geneva, New York from the late 19th century.

William Henderson Baird Collection

Papers relating to Civil War Union Officer William Henderson Baird and his family at the time of the Civil War.

William Suydam letters

A collection of letters written by William Suydam during the Civil War.