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Utica University - Center for Historical Research


Teaching, research, and the archiving and sharing of significant historical document collections are the three pillars of our mission at the Utica University Center for Historical Research. We serve students, academic and non-academic historians alike. Through various outreach activities we endeavor to bring campus and community together to foster a greater understanding of the historical condition and its global importance.

In early 2015, the Center for Historical Research began the Digital History Project to collect and curate a digital archive of the Mohawk Valley's diverse history. We accept a wide variety of materials: personal correspondence, photographs, business records, journals, diaries, and many other types of historical artifacts. After each collection is digitized, we return all submissions and provide the owner with free digital copies.

Utica College was renamed as Utica University in 2022.

Utica University - Center for Historical Research is a member of the Central New York Library Resources Council.


Alexis Johnson Collection

These manuscripts detailed the lives and customs of the inhabitants of Schuyler, NY, and provide insight into nineteenth century life in Central New York.

Amy Jennings Family Collection

Newspaper clippings, memorabilia and other materials relating to the Jennings family of Utica, New York, in particular highlighting their military careers.

Camp Russell Boy Scouts Collection

This collection contains items from Camp Russell, a Boy Scout camp located in the Southwestern Adirondacks, dating from the early 1900s through the camp's closure in 2014.

Carrie Jones Family Collection

A collection of materials on Jones family of Utica, New York providing detailed glimpse of family life and the community in Central New York during the mid-twentieth-century.

Central New York Canal Collection

The Erie Canal Collection comprises a set of financial documents and cultural materials relevant to the Erie Canal digitized by the American Museum of Finance.

CCC Camp S-122. Co 1241, Boonville NY

This collection contains pictures, newspaper articles, and reports from 1944 to 1945 regarding Central New York prisoner of war camps in Oneida and Jefferson counties.  These include Pine Camp and Hawkinsville Camp in Jefferson county, a camp in Boonville, NY (Oneida county) as well as articles on POWs in Utica and Rome, NY.

Crain Family Papers

This collection consists of documents relating to politics, business, foreign affairs, and the family’s personal affairs, which not only offer a glimpse into nineteenth century rural life in New York State, but detail machine politics on a regional, state, and national level into the early twentieth century.

DeAmicis Family Collection

The DeAmicis Family Collection contains an assortment of documents pertaining to Libero T. DeAmicis’ military career. These documents trace Libero T. DeAmicis’ military career from a Bombardier in the Pacific Theater of WWII to a nuclear weapons delivery certified aircrew member at the height of the Cold War.

Frankfort Boy Scouts Collection

This collection contains photos and documents related to Troop 1, Frankfort, New York, which was established in 1910.

Newspaper Photograph of the Section B Basketball Tournament All Star Selections

The Kaminski Family Collection contains yearbooks, certificates, newsletters, and memorabilia from the Kaminski family.  The collection primarily consists of certificates from this Central New York Polish Family dating as far back as 1926.

Kathleen Oser Collection

Utica resident Kathleen Oser was involved in many civil rights and women’s rights movements, especially the National Organization for Women (NOW.) The collection contains materials relating to Osner’s involvement in NOW.

Mohawk Valley Boy Scouts Collection

The Mohawk Valley Boy Scouts Collection provides insight into the recreational and community activities of the Mohawk Valley’s civic organizations during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Oneida County Anti-Slavery Petitions

Petitions signed by the residents of Oneida County calling for an end to slavery in the mid-19th century.

Picture of the New Church being blessed

This collection includes photographs, documents, correspondence, and other ephemera documenting Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, which was founded in April 1919 in Utica, NY.

Patricia Vidoni with sons David & Michael pose for Photo with Neighbors

The Polish Heritage Collection contains several documents, photographs, scrapbooks, a “Golden Book,” and memorabilia from Utica’s Polish Community.

Roberta Walsh Family Collection

Photographs, documents, and other materials relating to a prominent Mohawk Valley family during the the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Anita Maxwell For State Senator poster

The collection contains a mixture of local, state, and national campaign posters from the 1970s to the present. Local and state campaign posters generally represent candidates from Central and Upstate New York.

Utica Zoo Collection

The Utica Zoo has been a community center for over 100 years. This collection of photographs documents the Zoo and its activities, particularly in the latter half of the 20th century.

Virgil Crisafulli Collection

Historical materials relating to Virgil Crisafulli, a Utica College Professor, U.S. Navy veteran, and local politician.

Photograph of Polish National Guard Unit

The Yorkville Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization is a nonprofit veterans' services organization created to secure rights and benefits for their service.