Amy Jennings Family Collection

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Amy Jennings Family Collection
Francis "Frank" Jennings, President of the Milesians - Image Source

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1934; 1957 - 1969

Historical Context

Utica’s Jennings family maintains a long tenure as residents and military representatives of the city during the twentieth-century. Born in England during the early 1860s, Abram Jennings immigrated to the United States in 1904 alongside his wife Ellen. Together, the migrant couple and their children settled in Utica. On October 12, 1934, Abram Jennings passed away, and soon after was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. Born on December 12, 1913 to related members of the family, Francis “Frank” M. Jennings served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Air Force during World War II. A continuously prominent member of Utica’s Irish community, Frank Jennings passed away on November 8, 1991. Born on July 26, 1945, Frank’s son Lawrence also served in the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. Drafted in 1967, Lawrence completed basic training in Texas and served as Corporal in the United States Army’s First Air Cavalry Division. On January 19, 1968, Lawrence was killed-in-action by friendly fire.

Scope of Collection

The Jennings Family Collection consists of related family material and miscellaneous newspaper clippings and memorabilia. The family material present regarding the family’s local and military history includes newspaper clippings detailing service awards and positions held by the family’s military men during World War II and Vietnam. Some materials detail the family’s connection to Utica’s Irish community. Alongside the material related to the Jennings family, the collection includes some local newspaper clippings and memorabilia.

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