Carrie Jones Family Collection

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Carrie Jones Family Collection
Bob Jones at 38th Parallel - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1950 - 1958; 1937 - 1949

Historical Context

Members of the Jones family (Utica and Holland Patent) have resided in the Mohawk Valley since the beginning of the twentieth-century. Born in 1901, Anna Parry emigrated from the United Kingdom (Wales) in 1916. She arrived in New York that same year and moved to Utica with her family, including a twin sister. Soon after her arrival, Anna married George E. Jones, another Welsh immigrant residing in Utica. On September 29, 1930, the couple’s son, Robert Edward Jones, was born. The Joneses lived at 1214 Ash Street alongside other immigrant families. An only child, Robert “Bob” Jones joined the United States Army soon after his 1949 graduation from Utica Free Academy. Following his return home from the Korean War, Bob Jones married Patricia Lucille Soukup of New Hartford in 1958. Born on May 2, 1936, Pat Soukup (Jones) graduated from New Hartford High School in 1954, and later from Vassar College (Poughkeepsie) in 1958. Following their marriage, Bob and Pat Jones moved to Holland Patent. Pat worked as a teacher at New Hartford High School, while Bob worked at the Utica Typesetting Company. The couple had two children; Richard in March 14, 1960 and Carrie on November 2, 1963. At the age of sixty-four, Robert Jones passed away on November 26, 1994. Pat Jones retired from teaching at New Hartford High School. She passed away on January 12, 2015 at the age of seventy-eight.

Scope of Collection

The Carrie Jones Family Collection contains several documents, photographs, and memorabilia associated with Utica’s Jones family. Largely, the collection consists of lifelong documents, memorabilia, and photographs associated with Robert and Patricia (Soukup) Jones, including report cards, yearbooks, a scrapbook, school and church event programs, postcards, newspaper clippings, Freemason induction certificates, and photos of family gatherings and trips, the Korean War front, and the Utica community during the 1920s. Also present in the collection are documents pertaining to the Parry and Jones family’s early twentieth-century emigration from the United Kingdom.