Anna E. Wilcox Collection

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Anna E. Wilcox Collection
Photograph of Anna Wilcox - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
c. 1860 - 1870

Historical Context

The American Civil War was fought between the years 1861 - 1865 between the Union (the North half of the country) and the Confederates (the South half of the country). The war began over the disagreements between the North and South regarding slavery. The Civil War is known for having more American deaths in a war than any other war America has been a part of. The Battle of Cold Harbor, which took place in June of 1864, is considered one of the bloodiest, lopsided battles of the war.

Scope of Collection

The Anna E. Wilcox Collection of Civil War letters consists of forty-five letters on forty-four separate sheets, eight photographs, four envelopes which could not be matched to any letters, and ancillary materials. Eleven of the letters are without envelopes, though one was likely enclosed in the same envelope as one of the others. Forty-two of the forty-five letters were definitely written to Anna Wilcox, of Smyrna, Chenango County, New York. Thirty-eight, possibly thirty-nine, of the letters to Miss Wilcox were written by four of her male cousins who were serving in the Union Army. The remaining letters were written by other relatives of Miss Wilcox. Two of the letters were written to persons other than Miss Wilcox.