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Binghamton University Libraries are the center of the University's intellectual community, providing a welcoming environment for the creation and management of knowledge through innovative thinking, open inquiry, and collaborative partnerships. To enhance access to our rich and varied collections, we have digitized a wide range of materials including photographs, postcards, and manuscripts from our Libraries' Special Collections, many of which highlight the rich history of New York State.

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Anna E. Wilcox Collection

The Anna E. Wilcox Collection of Civil War letters consists of forty-five letters on forty-four separate sheets, eight photographs, four envelopes which could not be matched to any letters, and ancillary materials.

Francis M. and Henry H. Stone Collection

The Francis M. and Henry H. Stone Collection contain twenty-one letters written by the two brothers while they were in the 27th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry and the 1st Regiment New York Veteran Cavalry

Fred Walster Diary

This diary contains entries written by Fred Walster, who was a soldier in 153rd Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry, Company E. The diary spans from January through December 1865 and details his experiences during the war, as well as his civilian life shortly after the war ended.

Ingraham P. Smith Collection

The Ingraham P. Smith Collection consists of forty-five letters and two medical documents, written during the Civil War.

Joseph H. Treyz Collection of Civil War Patriotic Envelopes

The Joseph H. Treyz Collection contains 149 patriotic envelopes printed during the Civil War.

Lewis H. Brown Collection

The Lewis H. Brown Collection consists of sixty-four letters written by Lewis Henry Brown, Lewis’ brother Burritt Brown, and Albert Ransom, Burritt Brown’s friend and tent-mate.

Maurice Leyden Collection

The Maurice Leyden Collection consists of diaries, photographs, correspondence, financial records, essays and military records of Maurice Leyden. The collection also includes twenty-two diaries, dating from 1860-1886 and written Sarah Woodruff Pottle, a relative of Mr. Leyden, as well as, four diaries spanning the years between 1897 and 1908 and belonging to Blanche Leyden, Maurice Leyden's daughter.

Max Reinhardt Collection

The Max Reinhardt collection covers major aspects of the life and career of Austrian-born theatrical director and producer Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) . Reinhardt was widely recognized as a major creative artist and played a leading role in the transformation of the director as the key figure in theatrical production and the innovative use of new theater technology and experimentation with theater spaces and locales.

Patrick Casey Collection

The Patrick Casey Collection consists of an autobiographical narrative and two diaries.

Ten Eyck Fonda Collection

The Ten Eyck Fonda Collection consists of twenty-six letters written by Fonda while serving as a telegrapher for the United States Military Telegraph Service during the Civil War, and one political campaign card.