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Department: Folklife Center
251 Glen Street
Glens Falls, New York 12801
Phone: 518-792-6508
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Crandall Public Library


The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls is an award-winning, regional program created in 1993, charged with the mission to research and present the cultural traditions of the upper Hudson valley and southern Adirondacks of upstate New York. Its core programs - Cultural Events, Exhibitions, and Special Collections - are largely supported by grants, and have attracted a large, diverse regional audience. Our special collections reflect over a hundred years as a dependable repository of the community's history. Books, serials, photographs, maps, scrapbooks, family paper, business records, art collections, and many other materials are actively added each year, catalogued and stored in an archival environment, and made available to the public via our staffed Research Center. A small sampling of these materials - J.J. Audubon's elephant folio prints; Congressman Gerald Solomon's Scrapbooks; Look Magazine's Glens Falls Hometown USA Photographs; Dr. A.W. Holden's Civil War Letters; Glens Falls Operetta Club Papers; a Lazio portrait of Charles Evans Hughes (a Glens Falls native) - provide a sense of the tremendous depth and breath of our special collection holdings.

Crandall Public Library is a member of the Capital District Library Council.


Abby and Will Csaplar Lake George Collection

This collection contains images of Lake George, New York.

Art and Artifacts

This collection contains paintings, sculptures and other three dimensional objects in the Library's special collections.

Battenkill Inspired

This collection contains images and documents related to the Battenkill River and surrounding area.

Families of Upstate New York

This collection contains photographs and contextual information related to families in the upper Hudson Valley and southern Adirondack regions.

Folk Art and Artist Collection

This collection contains folk art collected from Upstate New York and other regions.

Glens Falls Feeder Canal

This collection contains items that share the history of the Feeder Canal and the people involved.

Glens Falls Hometown USA

This collection contains photographs taken during the World War II era of Glens Falls.

History of Crandall Public Library

This collection contains images illustrating the rich history of Crandall Public Library (founded in 1892).

Northern Survey Company, Albany, NY

This collection contains photographs taken by the Northern Survey Company of Albany, NY of family houses, farms, businesses and public buildings in New York State and New England, 1878 to 1900.