Glens Falls Hometown USA

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Glens Falls Hometown USA
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c. 1940 - 1950

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Look (1937 - 1971) was a magazine published out of Des Moines, Iowa. Issues were published twice a month. Rather than having written articles, the magazine’s main focus was on photographs taken in different parts of the country. During World War II era, Look photographers went to Glens Falls, New York, to take photographs for six articles, where they presented Glens Falls as a patriotic model of the home front during the war. Look anticipated that these articles would provide other communities with ideas to stimulate their own postwar planning. The author of the series of articles was George F. Koether, associate editor of Look. Look sent a team of photographers to Glens Falls, a city in New York State north of Albany, for several months in 1943 and 1944 in preparation for these articles. The principal photographers were Harold Rhodenbaugh and Betty Truxell. A person identified only as Sandberg also took a few photographs.

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This collection contains photographs taken by Look Magazine photographers in 1943-44 for a series of six articles in 1944 presenting Glens Falls as a patriotic model of the home front during World War II. The articles were published on April 4 and 18, June 27, September 5 and 19, and November 28, 1944.

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