Livingston County Historian (New York)

5 Murray Hill Drive
Mount Morris, New York 14510

Holly Watson, County Historian - (585) 243-7955 -

Livingston County Historian (New York)


The Livingston County Historian's Office is a county government department whose mission is to collect, preserve, and interpret Livingston County's documentary heritage and manage historical records for the public. The office research room provides public access to reference and special collection materials. The county historian additionally assists county departments and the general public with research projects, offers displays and programming, and provides guidance and support to the 17 town historians of Livingston County.

Livingston County Historian (New York) is a member of the Rochester Regional Library Council.


Image representing the collection.

A collection of oral interviews, recordings of events, and film clips in Livingston County, mainly created by the Livingston County Historian's Office.