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Crouse Hospital’s history begins in 1887 with the founding, by a group of community-minded women, of the Syracuse Women’s Hospital and Training School for Nurses. It was the only hospital in the area at the time attending to the specific healthcare needs of women and children; still a strategic focus today in fulfillment of the hospital’s mission to provide the best in patient care and to promote community health. In 1902 its name changed to Syracuse Hospital for Women and Children and by 1908 the hospital began to admit men. In 1918, the name was changed to Syracuse Memorial Hospital to reflect its broader range of services. In 1929, the hospital moved to its present location on Irving Avenue. In 1946, after World War II and the establishment of a cooperative arrangement with Syracuse University’s School of Nursing, the Syracuse Memorial Hospital School of Nursing was dissolved.

Crouse-Irving Hospital, destined to merge with Syracuse Memorial, was founded by a group of physicians and investors under the leadership of Dr. William L. Wallace in 1912. In 1913 Crouse-Irving Hospital School of Nursing was founded. For many years, Syracuse Memorial Hospital and Crouse-Irving Hospital operated separately while being located across the street from each other. The two hospitals merged in 1968 into Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital. Crouse-Irving’s School of Nursing became the Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital School of Nursing at that time. Following the merger, plans were begun to expand and modernize the existing facilities. As part of the S.H.A.R.E. campaign to modernize healthcare facilities in Onondaga County, funds were raised to replace the deteriorating Crouse-Irving Hospital Building. In 1976, the Irving Unit (attached to the Memorial Unit, the former Syracuse memorial Hospital) was opened while the former Crouse-Irving Hospital was converted to an educational building for the hospital the School of Nursing, then demolished in 1991 when the present Harry and Lillian Marley Education Center opened. In June 1996, a new name was announced, changing Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital to Crouse Hospital. In 2015 the Crouse Hospital School of Nursing was renamed the Billl and Sandra Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital.

The development of the hospital, its services to the Syracuse community, education of nurses and trends in healthcare delivery is documented in the archival collections housed in the Crouse Hospital Library.

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Crouse Hospital History

The Crouse Hospital History collection contains black & white and colored photographs of Crouse Hospital and the staff and students who resided there from the late nineteenth through twentieth centuries.

Crouse Hospital School of Nursing Yearbook Collection

This collection includes selected yearbooks from Crouse Hospital's School of Nursing, as well as its predecessor institutions at Syracuse Memorial Hospital and Crouse-Irving Hospital.

History of Tuberculosis at Crouse Hospital

The collection contains original articles written by Crouse Hospital physicians and public health workers, advertisements, and medical & surgical statistical information.