Cayuga County Historian's Office

10 Court Street
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: 315-253-1300

Cayuga County Historian's Office

Cayuga County Historian's Office is a member of the South Central Regional Library Council.


A building torn down between other buildings

Photographs taken by the county historian's office in the 1970s of Urban Renewal demolitions.

A painter working at his easel

Photographs from the general file in Cayuga County.

Court Street, South, Cayuga

Postcards showing the towns and villages of Cayuga County.

Men Stack Racks of Drying Tobacco Leaves

Photographs of tobacco farmers living in Cayuga County.

The Columbian Crew employee magazine, March-April, 1957

Photographs and ephemera from the Columbian Rope Company of Auburn.

Mansion on South Street

Photographs of houses in Auburn, NY, used for HistoryForge.

Photograph of a historical marker for the Great Genesee Road

Images of Sennett, New York, in Cayuga County.

Historical Marker for Charles Courtney

Images of Springport, New York, in Cayuga County.

Family Christmas card from 1956

Photographs and ephemera relating to the Osborne and Metcalf families of Auburn, New York.

Two mothers and their young children, sitting outside

Photographs of women from the general file of women in Cayuga County.