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Three women in traditional Ukrainian dress
Women in traditional Ukrainian dress, Hudson, N.Y. - Image Source

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This is an open collection being gathered since the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, mostly from descendants of the original community, in support of the people of Ukraine in their struggle to maintain their sovereignty and freedom. If you have any photos, documents, or memorabilia that you want to add to this collection feel free to email us:

The Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Hudson, NY: Parish History Commemorative states: “Eager, anxious, and full of faith, millions of Eastern and Southern European immigrants put their trust in God and left their ancestral homelands in search of a better life in America. Nearly two thousand of them settled in Columbia County…Of these, Ukrainians comprised the second largest group, surpassed in number only by Polish immigrants. The first official documentation of Ukrainians settling in the city of Hudson can be traced back to 1910.”

The Hudson Area Library History Room celebrates the various ethnicities and communities that make up Hudson, Greenport, and Stockport (our library service areas) through their rich history.

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This collection consists of 52 images of family and group photos, portraits, documentation about the lives of the Ukrainian Americans living in Hudson, NY. The collection is almost entirely digital and images were donated by June Buniak, Kelley Drahushuk, Christine Hannett Garner, Linda LeSawyer Desharm, L. Edward Moore, Nancy Drahushuk Randall, and Charlene Scheu.


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