Refugees Starting Over Collection

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Refugees Starting Over Collection
Bhutanese-Nepali Beena Rai and mother - Image Source

Collection Facts


Historical Context

Over the past four years, Dr. Kathryn Stam, Faculty at SUNY Poly, has been gathering media and multimedia chronicling the lives of Refugees who have settled in Utica NY. This work has been gathered as Refugees Starting Over, which has hosted events, and provides a web presence featuring many images and videos.  We are attempting to meaningfully describe and curate the collection so that materials can lead to further understanding of the culture and customs.

Scope of Collection

The collection represents an important part of the Utica NY and the Mohawk Valley region’s history over the past decade. The images, curated by SUNY Poly's Dr. Kathryn Stam, come from friends' social media pages.  They represent the cultures of the refugee community resettling in Utica, and the important work she is doing in the refugee community in Utica NY and Central NY.

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For more information about the Refugees Starting Over project, visit their website.