Trinity-Pawling School Varsity Team Photos

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Trinity-Pawling School Varsity Team Photos
1924 Varsity Football, Trinity-Pawling School - Image Source

Collection Facts


Historical Context

Dr. Frederick Luther Gamage founded the Pawling School in 1907. He sought to create a new institution that embodied his own educational philosophy, grounded on the idea that effort across the board is the foundation on which all achievement ultimately rests. The School closed in 1942, when the campus was used as an Army Air Corps Cryptography School and Air Force Officer Convalescent Center during World War II, then reopened in 1947 as Trinity-Pawling School. Aside from a brief period (1973-1985) when girls attended the School as day students, Trinity-Pawling has chosen to remain an all-boys institution, dedicated to the education of young men. For more than a century, athletics have been a mainstay of this education, reinforcing the same values of effort and sportsmanship of which Dr. Gamage would be proud.

Scope of Collection

This collection represents more than a century of varsity athletic team photos from the Pawling School and Trinity-Pawling School — many of which adorned the hallways of the Carleton Gym. The School's yearbooks, the Scroll and then Trinitannus, were a showcase for many, yet did not always capture a full year's worth due to publication deadlines. We hope this collection, searchable by last name, team name, and class year will provide users with glimpses into the teams of yesteryear. (Please note that searching for last name will reveal all individuals with the name; first names were not included in the original captions and are not searchable.)