Childwold Photograph Collection

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Childwold Photograph Collection
Childwold Photograph Collection Childwold Presbyterian Church - Image Source

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1890 -1920

Historical Context

Childwold, New York is a hamlet of Piercefield in the Adirondack region. The town is home to the Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church built in 1893 and designed by architect William Pond. The Childwold Park House, located on Massawepie Lake, was a popular hotel and summer resort. It burned down in 1910.

Scope of Collection

This collection features photographs taken between 1890 and 1920 of Childwold, New York. Possible photographers of the collection include Frank J. McCormick, D.L.F. Bullis, and a photographer with the last name of Morse. There are images of Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church, Childwold Park House, and the Trudeau Sanatorium, as well as hunting, fishing, and nature scenes.