SUNY Schenectady County Community College Menu Collection

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Photo of table place settings with silverware and red napkins on a white tablecloth
Tablesetting. Photo credit: Liz Lajeunesse Photography

Collection Facts


Scope of Collection

This collection contains over 500 local, national, and international restaurant menus collected and donated by Dr. M. Estellie Smith and given as a gift to the Begley Library in 2008. Dr. Smith taught anthropology at SUNY Oswego from 1976 until her retirement in 1995. In 1997 she moved to Albany and became a research professor at Union College. She edited or authored 8 books and over 70 articles. Dr. Smith died on October 25, 2005. Because of SUNY Schenectady Community College’s School of Hotel Culinary Arts and Tourism, Begley Library was pleased to accept this donation. There are non-scanned menus and additional ephemera available in print at the Library’s archives.