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SUNY Poly Student Publications
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1974 - 2010

Historical Context

The Paper Sun was the original newspaper of the Upper Division campus. Done in the style of a half sheet student newspaper, it contained by campus news and local and national news from the perspective of the students. It was a daily publication, including, on average, 14-20 pages.

The Factory Times replaced The Paper Sun and is a venue for 'uncensored student journalism'. This brief glossy magazine is produced monthly and generally includes about 20 pages.

The Snowflake was a very informal announcement page for students, done in the pre-Intenet era. Issues of the Snowflake were typed by students, primarily volunteers and distributed in boxes around campus. The earlier editions were done on 8.5 x 11 inch paper; later editions were same size but contained four pages on a single sheet of folded paper (newsletter style).

Scope of Collection

This collection is comprised of student publications (The Factory Times, the Paper Sun, and The Snowflake) that were found in our archives as part of a larger donated collection. They cover a period in our institutional history ranging from 1974 through 2010. These publications are a rich source of historical information regarding not just student issues, but also local, regional and national news as seen through the eyes of the student journalists. This content would be of interest to alumni, SUNY Poly faculty and staff, and local historians.

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Portions of this collection are available via New York State Historic Newspapers.

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