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Ice boats on Orange Lake, NY
Color photo of iceboat "Puff" with Dr. Peter Mund, "Ariel" with Ray Ruge, "North Wind" with Reid Beilenberg and "Aurora" with Charles Merke - Image Source

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Historical Context

The Ray Ruge collection provides the foundation for the Hudson River Maritime Museum Iceboat collection. Architect and winter sports enthusiast Ray Ruge (1908 -1986) designed and raced iceboats in the Hudson Valley and Wisconsin. Mr. Ruge was instrumental in reviving the sport as well as uncovering and restoring the historic wooden stern steerer yachts from the 1800s heyday of iceboating. Getting the century old boats back out on the ice and racing brings the sport into the 21st century.

For information about current ice boating on the Hudson River visit to these websites: White Wings and Black Ice, HRIYC, Hudson River Ice Yacht Preservation Trust. Historic iceboat articles can be found on our website.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains images from the Ray Ruge collection. The collection includes photographs and illustrations of bowsteerers and sternsteerers.