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Lenox Memorial Hospital Collection
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c. 1920 - 1970

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The Village of Canastota is located in Madison County, New York. It was originally inhabited by the Oneida Nation and later settled by Europeans. Captain Reuben Perkins was the original founder in 1810, and the village was formally established in 1835. After its official establishment, the village was in need of essential institutions, such as hospitals. A small hospital was opened within Canastota, but it was serving the outlying areas more than it was the village. In 1917, the the village purchased the hospital and it was named the Canastota Memorial Hospital in 1926. The hospital was remodeled in 1937, adding the following additions: improved operating room; more modern delivery room; a nursery; and an X-ray department. In 1947, the hospital struggled with financial operating losses and had trouble serving the needs of its villagers because of its inadequate physical space. The hospital was then turned over to the Town of Lenox and named the Lenox Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital did not meet federal and state standards, making it unable to serve people who were under Medicaid and Medicare which encompassed a majority of the population. The hospital was closed in 1966 and torn down in 1969.

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The Lenox Memorial Hospital Collection contains documents and newspaper clippings about the hospital that served the area in the early to mid-twentieth century.

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