Lantern Slides of the College of Ceramics

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Ceramic Artwork

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The Lantern Slide collection, located in the New York State College of Ceramics Archives, is a valuable historical resource that provides a glimpse into the educational practices of the early 20th century at Alfred University.

Professors used this collection of lantern slides during lectures at the NY State College of Ceramics (NYSCC), which reflects the curriculum of the time.

This collection's scanned lantern slides include various subjects, such as kiln construction, material science, art history, design, and daily student life in Alfred. It offers a unique perspective on the subjects taught at the College of Ceramics and how knowledge is presented to students.

These slides are a valuable resource for researchers, historians, and art enthusiasts alike, offering a glimpse into the educational methods of the past and preserving the unique history of the NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.