Cranberry Lake Yearbooks

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Cranberry Lake Yearbooks
The Camp Log: 1921 - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1915 - 1919; 1921-1938

Historical Context

The New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University was created in 1911. Part of the early educational experience required students to attend a sophomore summer camp located on Cranberry Lake in the Adirondacks. Since the first summer camp in 1915, students would write about their experiences. These memories and pictures were published into an annual yearbook referred to as the “Camp Log.” You can follow the many developments and changes over the years to the summer camp through these Camp Logs. Eventually the summer camp became known as the Cranberry Lake Biological Station (CLBS) and the Camp Logs were included into the College’s Empire Forester Yearbooks.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains yearbooks from the New York State College of Forestry’s Cranberry Lake Biological Station, dating from 1915 to 1938. The titling is inconsistent, either reflecting the class year or year of publication.