Maverick Musicians Portraits

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Maverick Musicians Portraits
Samuel Lifschey, violist - Image Source

Collection Facts


Historical Context

The Maverick Art Colony was founded in 1905 by by Harvard graduate turned social activist, author, idealist and bohemian, Hervey White. Music was a crucial part of the colony, and it drew many musicians and artists over the years. In 1916, Hervey began hosting chamber music concerts featuring both amateur and acclaimed musicians. These concerts continue to be held to this day.

When asked about performing at The Maverick, musician and founding music director of the National Orchestral Association Leon Barzin noted that, "From the very beginning, music at the Maverick was a unique effort of professionals and amateurs”. He also stated that, “from the very first performance there was a delightful mixture of formality and informality. Nothing in Woodstock can ever be completely formal." Barzin was just one member of a diverse gathering of musicians who played in the concerts. Prominent performers also included Pierre Henrotte, concert-master of the Metropolitan Opera House, George Barrere, internationally renowned flutist and Boris Koutzen, gifted composer and member of the first violin section of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes photographic portraits of musicians who played in concerts held at The Maverick in Woodstock, N.Y. Many of the images are signed by the musicians.