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LaFayette Yearbooks
LCS Spirit 1969 - Image Source

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1920 - 2017

Historical Context

High school instruction in LaFayette began in 1889 and the school received full accreditation in 1921. In 1937, the LaFayette Central School District was formed from the LaFayette Union Free High, Cardiff, Collingwood, Octogan, Reidy Hill, Hiscock, Miller, and Sentinel Heights schools. Several other districts later joined with this district, including the Coye, Flaherty, and Tilden districts. In 1954 the State Education Department requested LaFayette Central School to integrate the Onondaga Indian Reservation School within the district. This program brought the Indian students from grades 7-12 into the main building.

The Class of 1920, under the guidance of Preceptress Marian Woglum, produced the first year­ book. The project was accomplished after much labor and unified effort, so much so that when a name was sought it was decided to christen it "The Spirit" in recognition of that unique unity. A yearbook has ever since been produced, but on its 50th anniversary the innovative Class of 1970 elected to change the name of the annual to "The Lancer" which over the years has become the symbol of the school.

*adapted from the book “LaFayette, New York: A History of the Town and It’s People”, by J. Roy Dodge.

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This collection contains yearbooks from LaFayette High School.