Historic Photographs of Little Falls

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Historical Context

Little Falls was first recognized as a location for Palatine settlers in 1725 by Governor Burnet as "Little Falls" as a distinction from the Big Falls in Cohoes.  The village of Little Falls was officially formed in 1811 and was a prominent part of the knitting industry as well as cheese production.  The Erie Canal would allow Little Falls to flourish as an industrial hub with many manufacturing plants for hammers, bookcases, footwear, and dairy equipment.  The City of Little Falls was officially incorporated in 1895 and still stands as the only city in Herkimer County to this day.  Little Falls continues to celebrate its past with many celebrations such as our annual Canal Days Celebration and our Cheese Festival.  These photographs capture a small portion of Little Falls' extensive history photographed by George Kubica who then gave them to the library.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains photographs that depict Little Falls and its surrounding areas, especially buildings, people, nature, and events.  Many were photographed by George Kubica, who gave them to the Little Falls Public Library.