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188 items
Dates of Original: 
1810 - 1930
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Historical Context

George Nathan Newman, in life and upon his death in 1951, had donated extensive collections of books, records, and many photographs to the Grosvenor Library. Among the treasures that the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library inherited when the Grosvenor Library, Buffalo Public and Erie County Libraries merged was a black-and-white photograph collection compiled and donated by Mr. Newman. The Newman Collection of Photographs of Vanished and Vanishing Buffalo is a multi-volume photo album containing images of Buffalo's and the surrounding area's rich local history. The images are black-and-white reprints of Buffalo and the region primarily from the 1800s and early 1900s. The photos capture buildings (theaters, businesses, residences) and streets in Buffalo and the Niagara region that no longer exist or have changed beyond recognition.

Scope of Collection

The collection includes black and white photographs and lithographs of buildings, street views, Fort Niagara, and related scenes in Western New York ranging from the early 19th century to 20th century.