Ferris Meigs Logging Photograph Collection

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Ferris Meigs Logging Photograph Collection
Ferris Meigs Logging Photograph Collection Saw and Pulp Logs - Image Source

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1888 - 1938

Historical Context

Logging in the Adirondacks constituted a sizable portion of the American lumber trade even after the creation of the Adirondack pack in 1895, with companies being able to harvest timber only in very limited quantities from designated zones. Titus Meigs founded the Santa Clara Logging Company in 1888. Ferris Jacob Meig succeeded his father as president in 1911, and operated the company until it went out of business in 1941. Ferris Meigs took numerous photographs documenting the activities of the Santa Clara Logging Company.

Scope of Collection

The collection consists of black-and-white photographs, mostly taken by Ferris Meigs in the early 20th century. Most of the photographs show various stages of the logging process. The images were taken at St. Regis Falls, Santa Clara, and Tupper Lake, NY. The collection also includes turn-of-the-century portraits of Titus and Ferris Meigs.Also included are interior and exterior views of Ferris Meigs’ home.