Rochester Civic Garden Center

Department: Library
5 Castle Park
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: 585.473.5130
Marcia Erwin, Milli Piccione - 585.473.5130 - [email protected], [email protected]

Rochester Civic Garden Center


The Rochester Civic Garden Center permanently closed in 2018.

The Rochester Civic Garden Center (RCGC) is a nonprofit horticultural education center founded in 1945 and chartered as an educational institution by the New York State Board of Regents in 1950. Over the last 70-plus years, RCGC has nourished and preserved the community’s horticultural heritage through their ever-evolving library and innovative educational programs. RCGC continues to improve the quality of life in the Genesee region of New York State by fostering knowledge, providing information, and promoting all aspects of horticulture.
In 1964, the Center moved to its present home, historic Warner Castle in Highland Park, part of the Monroe County Parks System. The park, one of four in the Parks System designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) and dedicated in 1890, is 155 acres of both introduced and native woody plants comprising one of North America’s finest public horticultural collections. Highland Park is a fitting campus as RCGC carries forward their community educational mission. Today’s organization is comprised of three areas of expertise: Classes & Events; the Horticultural Library; and Historic Warner Castle & Estate Gardens.

Rochester Civic Garden Center is a member of the Rochester Regional Library Council.


Rochester Civic Garden Center Bulletins 1945-2007

The Rochester Civic Garden Center has been a trusted source of local horticultural information since its inception in 1945. This collection includes its Bulletins from the years 1945 through 2007.