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Orange County Community College - Library


Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange), the first county-sponsored community college in the State University of New York, was established in 1950 on a 16-acre estate built by Webb Horton and donated by Christine Morrison. We are a community of learners dedicated to providing high-quality and accessible educational and enrichment opportunities that foster lifelong learning.

The Orange County Community College Archive (also known as the History and Heritage Collection) was established in 1973 to collect, preserve and make available documents, photographs, as well as audio and video recordings relating to the history of Orange County Community College. The History and Heritage Collection has a twofold purpose: to make information about the College available to researchers and to provide support for exhibits related to the College. To these ends, the Archive is actively involved in collecting and preserving documents related to the establishment and history of Orange County Community College.

Orange County Community College - Library is a member of the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council.


Ben Gilman Photographs

This collection of photographs reflect Ben Gilman's work, travels and meetings with important leaders worldwide.

Fiske Boyd Collection

This collection contains fourteen works of art by Fisk Boyd.

Horton and Morrison Family Collection

Portraits of the Horton family, as well as photographs of their mansion’s construction. (Later Horton and Morrison Hall.)

Orange County Community College History Collection

Historical photographs of the college, including several aerial shots of the campus.