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Hartwick College was founded in 1797, under the provisions of the will of John Christopher Hartwick, as the first Lutheran Seminary in America. The first Seminary building was erected in 1815 on the Hartwick Patent in upstate New York. In 1888 the Classical Department introduced the freshmen year of a collegiate course and in 1928 it expanded to a four year college and moved to Oneonta, New York. Today, Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1,500 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The Hartwick College Archives was officially established in 1973 and exists primarily to collect and preserve materials that reflect the biography of John Christopher Hartwick and the history of the educational institutions that bear his name - Hartwick Seminary, Hartwick Academy and Hartwick College. In addition, the archives houses numerous special collections.

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Ethelwyn Doolittle Memorabilia at Hartwick College

This collection consists of memorabilia and correspondence of Ethelwyn Doolittle, a local resident and patron of Hartwick College.

George Bernard Shaw Memorabilia at Hartwick College

This very small collection, including a photograph and a brief letter, was donated to the college by Fred K. Scheibe in 1964.

Hartwick College Records at Hartwick College

This collection documents the history of Hartwick College from the expansion of the Hartwick Seminary Collegiate Course to its present day status of 1500 students and 130 faculty members. It reflects the diversity of ten administrations, the break with the Lutheran Church, the ever changing student and faculty population, the achievements, activities, priorities and educational pursuits of the college community, as well as the College's interaction with the local community and state.

Hartwick Seminary Records at Hartwick College

This collection includes the papers of or relating to Rev. John Christopher Hartwick and the establishment of the Hartwick Seminary. The documents reflect the life of John Christopher Hartwick, and his work with the Lutheran Synod.

John Burroughs Memorabilia at Hartwick College

This is a collection of personal memorabilia and published works related to John Burroughs, donated in 1955 by Miss Ethelwynn Doolittle.

Oneonta NY Railroad Memorabilia at Hartwick College

These materials were used by Dr. Eugene Milener during the compilation of his book, Oneonta: The Development of a Railroad Town, which he subsequently donated to the college archives.