John Burroughs Memorabilia at Hartwick College

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John Burroughs Memorabilia at Hartwick College
Photograph of John Burroughs in Oneonta NY in 1902 - Image Source

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c. 1902 - 1921

Historical Context

John Bourroughs was born April 3, 1837 in the Catskill Mountains near Roxbury, New York. His love of nature and his impulse to write made him one of America's great naturalist authors. His keen sense of the natural "wealth of the universe" - the trees, flowers, animals, and birds, is clearly revealed in his poetry and his life. He was close friends with such notable men as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, Walt Whitman, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Burroughs' homestead, Woodchuck Lodge, and the boyhood Rock, where he is buried, receive thousands of visitors each year. John Burroughs died on March 29, 1921.

Scope of Collection

This collection, donated in 1955 by Miss Ethelwynn Doolittle - a good friend of Burroughs, includes a few of his published works, articles and poems written about him, photographs, postcards, memorabilia items from the John Burroughs Memorial Association, a wooden whistle hand carved by Burroughs, and a replica of the Tablet on the Boyhood Rock.

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