Germantown History Department

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Germantown History Department


The Germantown History Department is a group of volunteers working under the wing of the Town Historian of Germantown.  Our official mission statement is: The mission of the Germantown History Department  is to collect, preserve and share the artifacts and the oral, documentary, personal and physical histories of the communities of Columbia County.

The history of Columbia County remains alive in the memories of its older citizens, in official and family documents, in artifacts and buildings and other monuments still standing on the landscape.  The goal of the Department is to keep this history alive by recording these memories, researching and interpreting these documents, collecting these artifacts, and by visiting, exploring and photographing these buildings and other landmarks before they are lost.

By involving local people and institutions in its work, the Department aims to foster a  sense of pride in the community and in our collective past and future.

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Germantown History Department is a member of the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council.


A portion of the 1740 Cadwallader Colden Map of Germantown

This collection contains the 1740 Cadwallader Colden map - and related indentures - of the 6,000 acres sold to New York's Provincial Governor, Robert Hunter, by Robert Livingston the Elder in 1710 on which to settle the incoming Palatine Germans.

Photograph of two men behind a counter in a store.

Store ledgers, account books, and other business records from Germantown, NY.

Group shot from the Kniskern Family photo album

Family photos and photo albums donated to the Germantown History Department over the years

Postcard of West Broadway, Germantown, NY

Postcards depicting life in late 19th and early 20th century Germantown, NY. 

Cover of Germantown Poor Book, 1855-1870

Official records generated by the Town of Germantown including highway records, relief rolls, voter registrations, and more.

Church of the Resurrection Wedding circa 1930, Germantown, NY

Materials pertaining to Germantown collected by longtime Town Historian, Walter V. Miller.