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Cover of The Alembic: Albany College of Pharmacy Union University 1916 - Image Source

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c. 1916 - present

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The Alembic Pharmakon was first published in 1916. The Byrnes '34 Archives is missing years 1918 to 1922. Were yearbooks even published between 1918 and 1922? That is a good question. During transitional years, yearbooks were not published for lack of graduating seniors. Years missing in the collection for this reason are: 1929, 1940 and 1964. In 1929, the program changes from a two year course to a three year degree course. In 1940, the three year Graduate in Pharmacy (PhG) degree changes to a four year BS degree in Pharmacy. In 1960, the BS degree in Pharmacy changed from a four to a five year degree, leaving no graduating pharmacy class in 1964. The 1946 edition is also missing as World War II reduced class sizes, and led to the classes of 1945 and 1946 graduating at the same time.