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Image of First Birkett Mill and Dam
First Birkett Mill and Dam, Milo Street - Image Source

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The history of Yates County is rich and varied.  Some of its best-known inhabitants have played roles in revolution and progress, in religious fervor and industrial might: Red Jacket.  Stafford Cleveland.  Dr. Konstantin Frank.  The Publick Universal Friend.  But what about the everyday people, those whose lives have added such texture to Yates County’s history? 

The Yates County History Center has done much to preserve and share such stories, found in the scrapbooks, journals, newspapers, and photographs in their extensive museum collection.  Beginning in 2021, though, YCHC staff and volunteers took their dedication to preserving these stories one step further, venturing out into the county’s townships and inviting residents to come forward and share whatever artifacts they’ve kept tucked away in closets and attics through the generations.  This still-ongoing Digitization Roadshow has scanned patent letters, articles of church incorporation, a wood-mounted metal negative, and so many other fascinating objects that might never otherwise have seen the light of day. 

Through these efforts, the historical heritage of countless families and individuals has the chance to live on, accessible to the curious and to future generations of researchers.