Writings of William H. Ross

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Writings of William H. Ross
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Historical Context

The collection is composed of a series of articles and talks from the 1930’s and 40’s. Dr. Ross’ talks, originally presented to medical originations, often later appeared as articles in medical journals. Dr. Ross then reprinted the articles in booklet form – which is how most of the publications in this collection appear.  

After four decades in the medical field, these pieces epitomize Ross’ preoccupations as a leader in professional organizations. They also provide a snapshot into general issues of concern for doctors during a historical turning point for the profession. Those issues of especial concern for Dr. Ross, the place of medicine in technologically evolving world, the doctor’s role in governmental and lay medical associations, medical legislation, growing public health knowledge, preventive medicine, and health insurance, would prove to be of exceptional importance over the remainder of the 20th century and into the 21st. Dr. Ross’ writings offer a view of some early conceptions and debates over said issues.
Besides the light his writings shed on this period of medical history, Dr. Ross was prominent in Brentwood Civic life - owning the first automobile, founding the cemetery and Brentwood Park, and establishing his well-known health resort, and being member of a number of civic groups – as well as the medical community on Long Island, where he was president of the Suffolk County Medical Association and helped to establish the tuberculosis sanitarium at Yaphank.  

Scope of Collection

A collection of medical writings by Brentwood’s first physician and first citizen, Dr. William H. Ross.