WPA Fine Arts Projects in Rochester

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WPA Fine Arts Projects in Rochester
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Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1936 - 1938

Historical Context

Beginning in February 1936, the Gallery was the center for Rochester-area Federal Arts Projects (FAP) funded by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  

Scope of Collection

This collection includes photographs of posters illustrating various national interest-weeks—like Book, Health, and Thrift Week, to be used in classrooms and auditoriums. There are also decorative hangings for lunch rooms, rest rooms and auditoriums in the public schools, and murals for the auditoriums of Madison and Edison Technical High Schools.  Easel paintings for the walls of school auditoriums and libraries are also included. There are two models by Richard Bills of the Temple of the Warriors in Yucatan and the Temple of Karnak, constructed in accurate scale for use in school rooms. There are drawings and photographs created for the Index of American Design. The catalogue of an exhibition of the FAP work held at MAG in December 1937-January 1938 is also part of this collection.