Walter T. Shirley Collection

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Walter T. Shirley Collection
Walter T. Shirley with colleagues - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
c. 1949-1964

Historical Context

During the suburban boom that followed World War II, Shirley Long Island Inc., developed the middle-class community of Shirley on the South Shore of Brookhaven Town in Suffolk County. The company built 4,000 homes, many of them from prefabricated sections.Mr. Shirley's served as New York City's Commerce Commissioner in the early 1950's under Mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri. He died in 1963.

Scope of Collection

The collection consists of two series; Black and white photos of Walter T. Shirley with celebrities and community members, and meeting minutes, spanning from 1958–1964 of Shirley Long Island, Inc.