Village of New York McGraw History

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Village of New York McGraw History
Postcard of McGraw R. R. Station, McGraw N.Y. - Image Source

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c. 1890 - 2009

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McGraw is a village in Cortland County, New York, United States. The village, first settled around 1806, is named after Samuel McGraw and is in the eastern part of the town of Cortlandville, east of the city of Cortland. The village was home to New-York Central College, McGrawville, an institution of higher learning founded by Free Baptists in 1849. The college was notable because about half of its students were African American. The college also employed at least two black professors. A smallpox epidemic, along with social and political opposition, brought about the college's closure in 1860. McGraw was incorporated as a village in 1869.

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The Historic Society's collection consists of memorabilia, furniture, photographs, news articles, scrapbooks, photograph albums, post cards, books, and various items of interest dealing with the village and its residents both early and current.

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