St. Patrick's High School

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St. Patrick's High School
Page 5 from 1958 yearbook The Shamrock : St. Patrick's High School - Image Source

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The Christian Brothers first came to Newburgh in 1886 to staff the boys division of St. Patrick’s Parish grammar school. The school was located at 152-164 Liberty St., the girls section on the top floor of 164 Liberty. A coeducational school was opened in 1958 with the Dominican Sisters taking charge of all eight grades. In 1944 St. Patrick's High School had been established at 49 Grand Street for boys only and was administered by the Christian Brothers until its closure in June 1969. The high school building had previously been the clubhouse of the Newburgh Wheelmen's (Bicycle) club designed by Newburgh architect Frank E. Estabrook in 1896.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes photographs, ephemera, oral history interviews, 13 volumes of The Shamrock, St. Patrick's yearbook, and two student newspaper titles: The Patrician (1950s) and The Blarney Stone (1960s). Also included are three issue of The Diamond, the paper of Newburgh Baseball, Inc. and The Little Engine that Could, and Did: St. Patrick's High School 1944-1969 by Dennis Sullivan.

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This collection was made possible by the generous contributions of St. Patrick's High School alumni and their families and former faculty members.