Sayville Library Long Island Collection

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Sayville Library Long Island Collection
Sayville Library Long Island Collection

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Historical Context

The Sayville Library serves the communities of Sayville and West Sayville, which are located on the South Shore of Long Island within the county of Suffolk and the Town of Islip. They are situated along the Great South Bay and were a popular vacation destination in the early 1900s. Sayville and West Sayville are also known for their rich maritime history, which includes oystering, boat building, and ferry service to nearby Fire Island.

Scope of Collection

The collection consists of general items from the “Long Island Collection”, the local history collection of the Sayville Library. It contains materials of various formats, including but not limited to books, pamphlets, journals, and photographs. Items in this collection reflect the history of Sayville and neighboring towns, as well as Long Island and New York State history.