Rose Spadaccino Papers

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Rose Spadaccino portrait
Rose Spadaccino, ca. 1900s - Image Source

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Historical Context

Rosario “Rose” Spadaccino (1873-1950) was born in Macchia Valfortore, Italy. She married Donato Muccigrosso and the couple went on to have four children: Anthony (1896-1979), Lena (1902-1988), Thomas (1903-1989), and Joseph (1905-1987).

She and Donato immigrated to Elmira, N.Y., with their oldest child around 1900. They were one of the pioneer families to move to the area from that region of Italy. Rose became a registered midwife in the State of New York in 1912. Between 1915 and 1935, she delivered 551 babies within Elmira’s Italian and Polish immigrant communities, including five of her own grandchildren.