Rochester Homeopathic Genesee Hospital Collection

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Rochester Homeopathic Genesee Hospital Collection
The First Location of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital - Image Source

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Dates of Original:
1889 - 1915; 1950 - 1959

Historical Context

On a wintery day in 1887, Mrs. Hiram Sibley witnessed a woman fall on the icy sidewalk outside her East Avenue home. She ordered her coachman to take the lady to the nearest hospital, which was the Rochester City Hospital on the other side of the city. This incident inspired her to join the cause for the establishment of a hospital on the east side of the city. Along with a group of other concerned citizens and local homeopathic physicians, Mrs. Sibley's efforts led to the granting of a charter by New York State for the establishment of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital on May 25, 1887.The hospital was established at 233 Monroe Avenue and opened on September 19, 1889. The institution eventually moved to 244 Alexander Street in 1894 and remained there until it closed in May 2001. Changes in medical science led the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital to change its name to Genesee Hospital in 1926. During its one-hundred and two years, the Genesee Hospital grew to meet the needs of the community, achieving national recognition as a pioneering leader in autologous bone marrow transplants, gastroenterology, coronary care, and pulmonary treatment.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes images of both locations in which the Hospital was located: Monroe Avenue and Alexander Street, and includes a 1950s view of the hospital as well as an 1890s view. The collection also includes portraits of Ida Jane Anderson, the first registered nurse in New York State, who graduated from the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital Nursing Class of 1902.