Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County, 1919-1923

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Quilt Patterns of Onondaga County, 1919-1923
Quilt Pattern 090: Rainbow Quilt at Onondaga County Public Library - Image Source

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1919 - 1923

Historical Context

Virginia Beauchamp was a graduate of the University of Michigan. After teaching for 20 years in Colorado, she returned home and became the Director of the Syracuse Home Association and the Onondaga Historical Society, Secretary of the Visiting Nurses’ Association, on the Executive Council of the South Side Library Association, and a member of the Syracuse Botanical Society. Virginia died on February 22, 1923. Virginia’s quilt patterns were donated to the library by her sister, Grace B. Lodder in November, 1945.

Scope of Collection

This collection consists of patterns drawn to scale and finished with watercolor paints in order to imitate the colors of the actual quilts upon which the representations are based. Although the patterns were completed from 1919-1923, many were based on quilts made before 1850 and are thus an important record of domestic life from that time. This collection consists of all of the original patterns donated to the library.

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