Best Threads: Fashions of Warwick, New York circa 1900

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Best Threads: Fashions of Warwick, New York circa 1900
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Historical Context

When the Joslyn family took over the old photographic studio at the corner of West and Main St. in Warwick, they found hundreds of glass plate negatives--most with no name on the envelope. Duane Joslyn donated the collection to the Historical Society of the Town of Warwick. When the murky images were brought to light, they revealed a wonderful record of what the people of the Warwick community looked like, and how they dressed around the turn of the 1900s.

Dianne Aimone volunteered to scan and catalog some of the most interesting of the portraits, and costume historian Mimi Sherman provided descriptions of the fashions. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of Hudson Valley chic circa 1900!

Scope of Collection

This collection includes selections from the Joslyn Collection of glass plate negatives, largely dating to the early twentieth century. These portraits highlight both the Warwick community and the fashions that were prevalent at the time.