Pan-American Exposition Scrapbooks

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Pan-American Exposition Scrapbooks
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Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1897 -1901

Historical Context

The Pan-American Exposition was a World’s Fair held in Buffalo, New York in 1901. Buffalo was one of the largest American cities at the time and was chosen as a World’s Fair site in part due to its proximity to major railways. The Exposition showcased many exhibits, most notably the use of electricity. Hydroelectric power generated by the Niagara River powered the Exposition grounds and buildings. President William McKinley was assassinated while attending the Exposition.

Scope of Collection

The collection contains 24 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from 1897 through 1904 that chronicle preparation for the 1901 Pan American Exposition, the event itself, the assassination of President McKinley, and the Exposition's impact on Buffalo, New York. It is believed that these were the first scrapbooks compiled at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.