Lost Main Street Catskill

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Catskill High School Marching Band
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Historical Context

Main Street Catskill began life as a gateway to the west, the eastern end of the Susquehanna Turnpike on which settlers pressed into central New York and goods from the west headed to the Hudson River and on to the New York City market.  Later, it served as the entrance way to the great resorts and boarding houses so important to Greene County history, out-of-towners arriving on Main Street by boat, train and then automobile.

In time, retail and services became available on the periphery of the Village, and more distant locales.  Venerable Main Street buildings were lost to parking, as merchants fought a losing battle to shopping plazas and malls.  Main Street today enjoys a resurgence through investments in its historic architecture and the expenditure of disposable income in the restaurants and shops.

Scope of Collection

This slide show consists of Main Street buildings that are no longer standing.  This collection is curated and text provided by Ted Hilscher, Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia Greene Community College.

The captions accompanying the images provide a layering of information when viewed sequentially.  Together they serve as a brief introduction not only to the buildings lost, but to Catskill and regional history.

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If you use this slide show, please credit Ted Hilscher and Columbia-Greene Community College.