Keitha Kellogg Petersen

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Keitha Kellogg Petersen
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Historical Context

This well-illustrated book primarily provides the history of the Jefferson County village of Sterlingville, a small community that ceased to exist upon the government’s expansion of Pine Camp (now Fort Drum) prior to the United States’ entry into World War II. Several other small communities that met the same fate in the area are mentioned as well: Sterlingburgh, Lewisburg (Louisburg, also formerly known as Sterlingbush), Leraysville, and Reedville.

Scope of Collection

The book provides details on the relocation process and the personal stories of many of those affected by the loss of their communities. Information on the 19th-century iron industry in Jefferson County is included as it is central to the history of Sterlingville and the other communities in the surrounding area. Also included is information on James LeRay and his mansion, as well as a brief section relating to the detainment of POWs at Pine Camp during World War II.