Jackson Health Resort Collection

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Jackson Health Resort Collection
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1858 - 1914; 1928; 1958

Historical Context

The Jackson Health Resort was founded in 1858 by Dr. James Caleb Jackson (1811-1895) in Dansville, New York, overlooking the Genesee Valley. The Resort was based on a water cure or hydropathy treatment which was touted as a successful cure for the treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Jackson recommended a holistic lifestyle, including a vegetarian diet as part of his treatment plan. In 1929, Bernarr Macfadden assumed ownership of the property and renamed it the Physical Culture Hotel. The building was also known as: Our Home on the Hillside, Castle on the Hill, and Jackson Sanitorium.

Scope of Collection

The collection includes photographs relating to the Jackson Health Resort and cures advocated by Dr. Jackson, including examples of clothing and water treatments. There is a patient prescription which includes a dietary and treatment plan. There is a pamphlet detailing the nursing training school. There are several documents commemorating institution anniversaries. The collection dates from the organization’s founding in 1858 through its centennial celebration in 1958.