Historic Paintings at James Prendergast Library

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Historic Paintings at James Prendergast Library
James Prendergast, founder of Library - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
c. 1870 - 1890

Historical Context

Upon the untimely death of James Prendergast in 1879, grandson of the accredited founder of Jamestown, the family started construction on what is now the James Prendergast Library. The library was constructed by Rochester architect A. J. Warner in a "Richardsonian Romanesque" style. Originally occupying a city block, the library opened its doors in 1891 with over 8,500 volumes; in 1960, the library would receive an alteration including the incorporation of offices, meeting rooms, storage space, and an Art Gallery.

Scope of Collection

The Prendergast family paintings came from Mary Norton Prendergast's estate and we painted by Daniel Huntington. Not in this collection are a painting referred to as the "Prendergast Estate," as well as a landscape of Prendergast property, painted by J.W. Bell.