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Halleran Family Collection
Halleran children - Image Source

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May Halleran married Ralph Ludwig circa 1910 in Jericho, N.Y. When Mr. Ludwig died, May’s brothers George, John (a.k.a. Lott) and Marty Jr. came out to help their sister May run the carriage repair/blacksmith shop, owned by Ralph Ludwig. Their parents, Martin and Beatrice Halleran, Sr. joined them and they all lived upstairs in an apartment over the garage. Martin Halleran, Sr. drove the school bus in addition to working in the shop. Beatrice worked in the post office. In the early 1930’s the locals decided to form a fire department. Martin Sr. and Marty Jr. were both founding members of the Jericho Fire Department. Marty Jr. became a Nassau County policeman, and his wife Signe was the first female postmistress in Jericho and the youngest in Nassau County. Descendants of the Hallerans still reside in Jericho today.

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Images from members of the Halleran family of Jericho, NY