Emporium Lumber Company Photograph Collection

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Emporium Lumber Company Photograph Collection
Emporium Lumber Company Photograph Collection Peeled Logs in Conifer Sawmill Yard - Image Source

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1911 - 1960

Historical Context

The Emporium Lumber Company was originally formed in 1892 in Pennsylvania. The success of the company led to expansion in New York State. The sawmill in Conifer, New York opened in 1911 and the Grasse River Railroad, a primary means of transportation for the logging business, followed soon after in 1913. The railroad was used to haul cut lumber and traveled between New York Central Station at Childwold, New York and the Emporium Forestry Company operation at Cranberry Lake, New York. The Emporium Forestry Company was dissolved in 1950.

Scope of Collection

The collection is comprised of black-and-white photographs relating to the Emporium Lumber Company, Grasse River Railroad, and Conifer, New York region. Images depict lumber industry operations, sawmills, lumberyards, railroad operations, and the local environment, including notable buildings and nature scenes. The photographs date from the early to mid-20th century.